ANA - The Goddess of Spring

An early sign of Spring is the rising birch sap. It's a cause for great celebration at the Buck and Birch as it signals the beginning of a new year of exploration. In honour of this magical time, we are proud to announce the limited release of ANA, our birch syrup caramel liqueur.

Ana liqueur

Over a litre of pure sap goes into every bottle, reduced to a syrup before blending with Scottish cream and butter in a sumptuous caramel. This is then expertly infused in spirit, before triple-filtering for a liqueur that is sweet, smooth and vibrant.

Perfect as an alternative to dessert, serve ANA chilled over ice, or pour a dash in your coffee or hot chocolate. Our personal favourite is adding it to an Espresso Martini for a delicious caramel coffee cocktail or simply drizzle over ice cream. Shop here

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