At Buck & Birch we are passionate about protecting our natural surroundings - after all, they are the inspiration and encyclopaedia of flavours we rely on to craft our drinks.

Over the years we have built a network of trusted suppliers, farmers, growers, community groups and foragers that provides us with the best ingredients so we can minimise our impact and leave plenty for the wildlife and others to enjoy.

Our Principles

Low impact harvesting

Harvesting sympathetically is key to ensure we never deplete any of our wild resources. We only harvest what we need, never uproot the plants and always make sure we leave plenty behind for the bird and bees.

All natural ingredients

We never use artificial flavours or synthetic sweeteners, relying solely on the natural flavours of the ingredients we use. Our mission is to represent the fruits and botanicals as honestly as possible with minimal manipulation.

Low impact and energy efficient flavour extraction

We rely on traditional methods of flavour extraction; infusion, sun drying, maceration, cold filtering and non alcoholic distillation. Not only is this kinder to the environment it also ensures the integrity and character of our ingredients are maintained.

Responsible packaging

We use fully recyclable shipping cartons, packing materials and tape and our glass bottles and labels can all be recycled.

Whilst our ceramic bottles are not directly recyclable they are made from natural clay and can be reused in various ways in the home:
- Fill them with your own made wild liqueur, cocktail or cordial.
- Use them as a beautiful vase.
- Break them up and use as irrigation in plant pots or garden planters.
- Upcycle them into a lamp.

Giving back

We like to give back to the environments we cherish so much, so regularly introduce native plants back into the ecosystems we visit, promoting biodiversity of plant life, insects and animals.

If you would like to know more about our projects or want to get involved please get in touch

If you can’t beat it, eat it

We love exploring techniques and products that can help us manage non indigenous plants or weeds in a better way than simply killing them with toxic pesticides.

Join the Pioneer Club for your chance to taste the limited releases we create.

Protection through positivity

We believe the best way to protect our environment is to inspire people to respectfully enjoy it, to be part of it and therefore look after it.

Seeing ourselves as separate from nature will ultimately lead to us forgetting its relevance and importance and it is then that it will be exploited and destroyed.