Wild Botanical Spirits

Most in our industry are guided by trends and tradition but we prefer to chart our own path, remaining 100% focused on capturing the character of the ingredients we harvest.

Our spirits are enigmatic, bold and pioneering, contemporary alternatives to the predictable gin, whisky, vodka and rum and a celebration of the hidden exotic flavours of Scotland. So embrace your adventurous and join our journey of wild flavour exploration.

Wild Botanical Spirit
Wild Spice Sipping Rum
Rum & Cake

Wilderness Liqueurs

Go to Italy, Spain and France and any meal is punctuated with a local liqueur or digestif. They are a celebration of the local landscape, a fingerprint of the terroir and homage to the fruits and herbs that grow there.

It's time for Scotland to enjoy this tradition too...

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Wild Elderberry Liqueur
Discover Aelder
Rosehip Rum Liqueur
Discover Amarosa
Birch Syrup Caramel Liqueur
Discover Ana

Bottled Cocktails

Designed in consultation with some of the UKs top bartenders we bring you our range of premium, ready to drink cocktails, crafted from our award winning spirits and the finest foraged ingredients.

Choose from wild twists on classic cocktail recipes or Buck & Birch originals, all perfect for enjoying at home or in the wild.

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Not sure which of our drinks to choose? Try out our DRINKS EXPLORER and find out which one of our products is best for you.


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Wild Elderberry Elixir - Family Food Supplement

We all know by now how important it is to maintain a strong and healthy immune system especially during winter. Our Wild Elderberry Elixir is an elderberry supplement crafted in collaboration with Napier’s the Herbalists in response to the pandemic.

Our elderberry, bramble and rosehip syrup is enhanced with sustainably harvested herbs and spices and fortified with vitamin C so it’s not only good for you and suitable for the whole family, it’s utterly delicious too!