Rum & Cake - Wild Spiced Sipping Rum


Rum in cake works a treat, but cake in rum? Even better!

The finest dark rum is infused with our incredible hogseed parkin, then cold filtered for a sumptuous sipping spirit laced with molasses and Scottish spice.

TASTE: Big, bold and well rounded. Warmth of ginger and clove with orange zest and a touch of caramelised fennel.

MOUTHFEEL: Rich, buttery and full bodied.

SERVES: Neat or over ice with an orange twist, or topped with ginger ale/ apple juice.

39.6% ABV

Allergens: Made with real cake (milk, oats, wheat, eggs)

Suggested Serves


GLASS: Whisky/ brandy
ICE: None
WHERE: Sipped in the setting sun

The Dreich & Stormy

GLASS: Collins
MIXER: Ginger ale/ ginger beer
ICE: Cubed
GARNISH: Fresh apple
METHOD: Pour 50ml RUM &CAKE over ice, top with ginger ale and garnish

Coffee & Cake Martini

GLASS: Martini
- 50ml RUM & CAKE
- 25ml Ana liqueur
- 25ml fresh coffee
METHOD: Add all of the ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake hard over ice. Strain into martini glass and serve

A cake infusion

At Buck & Birch we like to celebrate our ingredients in their truest form. Flavour extraction techniques are chosen to ensure the character of the berries, botanicals and spices remain as nature intended and not stripped of their personality.

For each batch of Rum & Cake the cake is left to macerate in our carefully selected dark rum, slowly imparting all of it's delicious, molasses laden spice into the spirit.

The rum is then slowly and delicately filtered to ensure we keep all of those beautiful oils and creaminess in the finished drink and it is this that gives Rum & Cake it's beautiful soft, buttery mouthfeel and texture

“Hogseed? Parkin?” we hear you say?

Read Rupert's Blog to find out more

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