Flavour First Season With Spirit

Buck & Birch is the tale of relentless pursuit of flavour, of journeying into the wild and capturing the magic of land and sea in award winning liqueurs and spirits. It is the celebration of the roots, the shoots, the petals and fruits thriving on paths less trodden and a commitment to share them in all their glory.

We go to great lengths to do justice to the ingredients we use. Flavours are skilfully layered to add depth and texture, and only then is the carefully considered spirit added to compliment and balance.

More Than Mere Liqueurs

Say the word “liqueur” and for many, it conjures up images of bottles of overly sweet liquid gathering dust in the back of a cupboard in your granny’s house.

For us they are much, much more. Done properly liqueurs are beautifully complex, nuanced and balanced. They are charismatic and imaginative, flavourful and joyous.

They are versatile too, prefect enjoyed neat, great with food and fantastic for crafting cocktails to wow family and friends.

So here they are, a range of truly Scottish spirits and liqueurs to be enjoyed with fabulous food, great company and raucous conversation.

Thought For Food

We are blessed with a landscape bursting with a variety of flavours and ingredients envied the world over. So why have we not got a food and drink culture like most other places on earth...?

At Buck & Birch we are passionate about creating food and drink experiences that truly reflect our surroundings. So why not book in to one of our 5 star Tasting Experiences and see for yourself what's possible.

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