Collaborations and Consultancy

Do you have a project that needs an injection of wild flavour?

With today's consumers more conscious than ever of the importance of using local, sustainable ingredients it is vital for businesses to think honestly and creatively about making this a reality.

Over the past decade we have created an extensive wild flavour library, documenting the very best ingredients from our forests, fields, hedgerows and coastlines, as well as a range of techniques for harvesting them commercially and conscientiously.

We have worked with everyone from large international brands to small independent businesses and start ups and pride ourselves in creating packages to fit any scope and budget.

So if you are a business looking to capture the flavours of your local surroundings in your drinks and menus we are here to help.

What we offer

- Bespoke liquid development and innovation
- Foraging consultancy
- Staff training
- Team building days
- Production, bottling and labelling services
- Collaborative projects
-Seasonal syrups, cordials and tinctures

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