Restoring Vital Connections

At the Buck & Birch we have always known the benefits of our wild foraged goodies and now we want you to get involved.

As part of our RESTORING VITAL CONNECTIONS campaign we want locals to take a walk on the wild side and go in search of rosehips and crab apples. Deliver them to our factory in East Lothian and we will happily trade donations for vouchers redeemable in our shop or online. Kids will also get free rosehip syrup to take home and a very special, limited edition Wilderness adventurer badge.

And why are we doing this do you ask? We want to use the rosehips collected to make rosehip syrup and donate it to local care homes and key worker employers around East Lothian. Not only are rosehips packed full of vitamin C to boost the immune system but years ago this would have been the pastime of children up and down the country at this time of year. As well as encouraging families to connect with nature, our hope is that it will remind care home residents of their younger days and give them a connection to the outdoors and their community which they may not have had recently.

For more information about our love affair with rosehips as well as a Foraging Fact Sheet & Instructions on our campaign please have a look at what Rupert our chief forager has to say, in his blog entry.

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