Syrups to warm the heart

When we launched our rosehip and crab apple appeal in late summer it was a reaction to how disconnected we felt we had become to our extended families, friends, customers and community. It was a response to the disruption and havoc caused by Covid in 2020 and the prospect of further repercussions with winter on its way.

But we had no idea if people would be interested in getting involved.

We need not have worried. It was so heartwarming and quite emotional to see the reaction of so many who went out collecting. Everyone who donated shared not only their fruit but their stories of how much they enjoyed taking part. From the 6 year old proudly presenting the handful of berries they found in the school playground to the 78 year old ex nurse delighted to feel useful once more. In a time of uncertainty it was life affirming.

We got way more fruit than we bargained for and reluctantly had to halt donations when we had no more space to put it all. So far we have made rosehip syrup, smoked spiced rosehip syrup, crab apple verjuice, rosehip jelly and rosehip and crab apple wine on the go.

Any products not destined to the residents of our local care homes will shortly be available in our shop so watch this space and in the meantime if you fancy making some rosehip syrup for yourselves why not try this timeless recipe.



1 kilo of rosehips

1.2 litres of water

500g sugar


Set the water to boil in a large pan

Chop or blend your rosehips and add them straight to the water

Bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes then remove from heat

Leave to sit for a further 20 minutes to stew and cool

Pass this though a jelly bag or muslin or a nice clean pillow case and leave to hang overnight to catch all the juice

Measure the juice and add 2/3rds of its weight in sugar.

Boil again in a large clean sauce pan, stirring constantly

Reduce to a simmer and skim off any foam that rises.

Carefully transfer to hot sterilised bottles and seal immediately. This will keep unopened in the cupboard for at least 6 months. Once opened it will keep for one month in the fridge.

It’s great used like maple syrup on pancakes, yoghurt, ice cream or rice pudding. It is also delicious as a hot drink when used to sweeten tea or simply topped up with hot water .

For cocktail lovers rosehip syrup is also perfect for mixing in alcoholic drink, pairing particularly well with rum. (If you don’t believe us try Amarosa, our rosehip rum liqueur)

However you choose to enjoy it, savour it’s flavour and goodness and know that you are giving yourself a healthy dose of Vitamin C in the process. Nature is great!

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