BiIRCH premium botanical vodka


Introducing a spirit as pioneering, distinctive and elegant as its namesake. It's the sap that makes it so smooth.

Pure spirit is married with raw sap and seasoned with wild birch flavours harvested throughout the seasons for a smooth yet complex drink to be enjoyed neat or mixed.

TASTE: Refreshing as a vibrant spring forest. Subtly sweet with hints of green apple, fennel and wood spice.

MOUTHFEEL: Soft, silky and smooth. Tingling wood spice on the lips with a long warm finish.

SERVES: Chill in the freezer and serve neat. Pour over ice and top with tonic/ soda/ fresh apple and garnish with cucumber, mint or apple slices.

39.6% ABV

Birch in a Bottle

BIRCH is 39.6% ABV. That means 60.4% of what is in the bottle comes straight from the birch tree.

During tapping season the sap is collected every morning and cut with spirit to preserve its freshness. Next we season with our birch bitters and a touch of birch syrup to add subtle sweetness and that all important mouthfeel.

The final touch is a birch branch from the forest where the sap was collected.

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Suggested Serves


GLASS: Frozen shot glass
ICE: None
SERVE: Straight from the freezer

Birch & Tonic

GLASS: Collins
ICE: Cubed
MIXER: Light tonic
METHOD: Pour 50ml BIRCH over ice, top with tonic, garnish and serve.

The Birch Forest Martini

GLASS: Martini
- 100ml BIRCH botanical spirit
- 20ml vermouth
METHOD: Add ingredients to a shaker with ice and stir. Strain into a chilled martini glass.

"Great alternative to Old Tom gin in a classic collins for those who don't like gin in cocktails. Nice and creamy like a premium white rum"
— Miran Chauhan. Head bartender Johnnie Walker Edinburgh

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